The Secret To Good Hair While Gallivanting

Traveling is great, don’t get me wrong! It’s just been my experience that I take a lot of things for granted and don’t realize how vital they are until I go away and forget to bring it. Like most of you, I have approximately 75,642 hair products and various brushes and tools. Why not start getting rid of some of it? Well, because I need them. I once heard a girl award herself with the title “Goo Hoarder” I can’t for the life of me remember who originally coined the term but it couldn’t be a more accurate description of where I’m at in my life. Here’s the issue though, when we have so many products we aren’t always keeping track of what we actually use. What ends up turning this scenario into a tragic moment in our story is the fact that when we travel, we end up with nothing we actually need.


So, here’s what I suggest: Start keeping track of what you’re actually using on a regular basis weeks before you go on a trip, or heck! Even when you don’t have any travel planned at all. This will give you plenty of time to observe yourself and figure out what your must-haves are. Then what you do, is you either go purchase travel sizes or you make your own. Making your own travel sizes will work most the time. The only time this will not be an option is with aerosol sprays so in that case you might want to go ahead and spring for the official travel sizes from whatever company the product is from. There are some great fillable travel containers on Amazon that I really like because I find them to be very durable! They’re also easy to clean and reuse so if you want to check those out, I will leave a link at the bottom of this post. After you have collected your travel sizes in whatever form you have chosen, it’s time to pack them into a nice clear travel bag. You might say, “But I’m not going anywhere yet…” Yes, I’m aware of that but having this bag put away and ready to go is going to simplify your life in the best possible way when it is time to travel.


I don’t unpack my travel hair bag when I return home. I just check to make sure nothing needs to be refilled, if it does, I take care of that immediately and then I put everything away until my next adventure. I usually leave my travel hair bag somewhere on my vanity where it’s out of my way but still on my mind in case I discover a new favorite product in between trips that I want to add.


Now, let’s talk about my travel hair bag! I’m going to share with you what currently lives in there and why. Your hair color, type, texture and various other factors are going to determine what belongs in yours but this is just an example for you.


Redken Blondage Shampoo & Conditioner: This lives in my Hair Bag because I have blonde hair and this is going to help me combat brass and keep my otherwise fragile over-processed hair strong. At home I generally use this system at least once a week but when we are on the road we have no idea what the water situation is going to be like so it’s great to have this on hand incase bizarre circumstances leave me feeling a little more yellow than I prefer to be.


Redken Glow Dry Shampoo & Conditioner: While I will fully acknowledge MOST people don’t need two different Shampoo/ Conditioner systems on the go, I feel like this is a complete necessity for the blondes. We can’t live without our toning shampoo (in this case it’s Blondage) BUT we also don’t want to overtone our hair on vacation and potentially turn it purple. For that reason, we need something to switch it out with. I LOVE the Diamond Oil Glow Dry products in general! They are formulated to assist with styling and create the perfect blow-dry and styling situation. The Shampoo and Conditioner leave the hair with mirror like shine and are just the perfect duo for getting your hair looking it’s best when you’re on the go.


Redken Two Day Extender: Fun fact, did you know you’re supposed to put dry shampoo in your hair when it’s clean? That’s why Redken calls one of their dry shampoos Two Day Extender. They’re trying to get the point across that it’s supposed to extend the life of your style rather than try to save it when it’s already too late. I keep a travel size version of this product for travel because it’s going to minimize the need to wash my hair and keep my style looking fresh. Bonus- It smells amazing and has touch activated fragrance.


Redken One United: This is a multi-benefit spray that I will not put a brush or comb in wet hair without! I use it mostly as a detangler but I’m grateful for the other 24 things it’s doing for me without me having to think about it.


Redken Outshine 01: This is the perfect product to create a flawless, shiny frizz free blow out! Usually I’d cocktail and layer products when I’m blow drying my hair but, in a pinch, and not a lot of space in my bag this is the product I prioritize.


Redken Iron Shape 11: This is a heat protecting spray with a nice little hold factor to it as well. Anything that can do more that one job for me is always going to make me very happy because that means more room in my bag! I love to curl my hair and heat protection is not an option it’s a necessity.  I’m not letting my vacation cause permanent damage on my hair due to skipping this step.


Redken Triple Dry 15: This hairspray is brand new in the game from the Dry Texture line! If you’d like to see a blog post where I dive into the whole line a little bit deeper, let me know. This is the best smelling hairspray I’ve ever used and the hold factor is just enough to get the job done. It gives me the hold I’m looking for without being too much. It also gives me the ability to create the most amazing texture when I have waves or curls in my hair.


I hope you found this content useful. I do a decent amount of traveling for work and also for fun! For that reason, I have found many ways to make life easier and less stressful. If you’d like to hear more travel and packing advice, leave me a comment and let me know! What are you going to put in your travel hair bag?

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