Stop Moving The Finish Line On Yourself.

Today I realized something so interesting. I’ve been working really hard to make all my dreams come true! Like, ridiculously hard. The fascinating thing about our dreams and goals, is they continue to evolve and grow as we ourselves so. In a way, this is good because if it didn’t, we would all achieve everything we set out to do and then we would have no where to go. This is also a little bit unfair because it’s like running a race where somebody keeps moving the finish line and you don’t even know it. If you’re constantly racing toward something and giving it your all to the point of exhaustion, you’re probably not even giving yourself the opportunity to see how far you’ve come. The interesting thing I realized today, is that my 20-year-old self would be so excited to see where 27-year-old me is today. The dreams and goals of 20-year-old me have already been not only achieved, but blown out of the water. I’m not sure if I could’ve even imagined this life and the accomplishments that have been checked off the list 7 years ago. I’m not saying this to boast, I’m saying this because I haven’t been giving myself enough credit and you probably haven’t been either.

beauty school 2012
My model and I hugging Ms. Angie and Ms. Jenn when I got second place at a state competition

20-year-old me was a beauty school student. She had wanted to do hair since she was old enough to have the ability to understand the concept. She had been talked out of it for a couple years by the people who didn’t see her vision. Most people told her she was too smart to be a hairstylist so not wanting to disappoint the people she cared about, she had put it off for 2 years after high school. Eventually she reached a point where she couldn’t ignore this overwhelming feeling that the beauty industry was where she belonged. It didn’t take long for my instructors to ignite a passion within me for education. I quickly realized that there was more to this industry than I ever could’ve imagined. Learning the principles of hair color was the most fascinating experience of my life. I could not get enough knowledge on the subject and I realized then that I would always have a thirst to be on the cutting edge when it comes to the science behind hair color and the techniques that bring it to life. My core teacher Ms. Jenn said that the best way to do that, was to educate others. So from that moment on, education was on my goal list. Later in my time in beauty school I met Ms. Angie who confirmed that education was something I wanted to aspire to be a part of. Seeing how Angie ran our Phase Two crew (which at Paul Mitchell Schools is like the honors program run very much like a real salon) also made me realize I want to open my own salon one day. 

The first time I met Sam Villa March of 2015
working with Sam Villa November of 2018

After beauty school, one of my first mentors Chad, introduced me to Sam Villa’s social media pages, techniques and tools. That was the first time I had ever seen such creativity and innovation in the disciplines of cutting and finishing. I spent the next couple years watching him almost obsessively and putting his words and ideas into practice every chance I got! I remember thinking this is the best imaginable educator possible and someday I need to meet him. In 2015, I had pretty much just started my career over at a new salon in a new city and money was really tight. I found out Sam Villa was doing a hands-on workshop in Chicago, it was like $700 which was an entire paycheck for me at that time and you know what? I didn’t think twice! I purchased the ticket and I went. It was worth every penny and I wouldn’t take back that experience for any amount of money. Meeting Sam Villa and interacting with him that day made me realize that although local classes were great, I needed to start investing as much as I could in myself and learn from the best. And guess what? I got to work on stage with him this year. 

The old Redken Exchange

Shortly after that, The Redken Exchange in New York City was calling my name! I went out there for the first time (which was also a dream of mine since I learned of it’s existence) I took “Cut and Know Why” and Adina Doss, Jason Gribbin, and Brayden Pelletier were the facilitators and they were all AMAZING but seeing Adina in action was the moment that I knew I wanted to work for Redken and become a Redken Artist specifically. She inspired me in a way that no one other than Sam Villa had before. Basically, she’s who I want to be when I grow up to this day. Just months after that, I took and passed my Redken Color Certification because I knew that was the first step to get out of the way before completely my Redken Artist Audition. (Also, I got to work with Adina Doss when she came to town earlier this year) 

Redken Symposium 2017
My own little buisness! 
Redken Artist Induction

Fast forward to the beginning of  2017 when I attended my first Redken Symposium in Las Vegas (yet another dream come true) and found out I was accepted into the Redken Artist Induction class of 2017! My year was off to such a strong start, I also decided to open my own business in March of that year. (more dreams coming true) Redken Artist Induction was the first time I felt like I found my tribe, I got to bond with a whole group of like-minded individuals and make life long friends. I learned a lot about myself and took my career to the next level during this time. 

Now I look at my life, I own my own little salon that is growing at such an unbelievable pace and becoming so successful. I am so honored and privileged to finally be a educator for an industry I care about so much! I’ve had opportunities to help other salon professionals almost every week since becoming a Redken Artist. I love this life more than I ever could’ve even imagined I would and I’ve done things in my career I couldn’t have even dreamed of 7 years ago. Of course I have bigger dreams now, and new goals to check off the list but I’ve done everything that 20-year-old me set out to do. I am not sharing this to brag about my accomplishments. I’m sharing this story because I want you to look back on what you hoped for when you were younger. I want you to think about how proud your younger self would be of how far you’ve come. If you have achieved any of the things you hoped to when you were younger, you need to celebrate that. Don’t keep moving the finish line on yourself like I have. Be proud of your accomplishments and continue to celebrate the new ones as you go. 

This has been Day 4 of Blogmas 2018

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