Where In The World Have I Been?

You may have notice Pretty Advantagous has been Pretty Dead… lame joke right? Sorry, I had to. I figured it would be good to give you a quick expaination of were I’ve been and where I plan on going from here.

So Since I last posted, I’ve been to Alaska, Vegas, Arkansas, and New York City. It’s been a wild ride. I’ve learned a lot about myself and the world around me since we last spoke and I’ve got a ton of content I want to share with you in the upcoming days. Life isn’t always easy my friends. Sometimes the people who seem to have it all together are the people who are falling apart the most. I have so much to be grateful for but believe me, the struggle is still real. I want to start making this blog a bit more personal and see how everyone responds to it. These next few weeks are going to be a very experimental time for Pretty Advantageous so I appreciate all of you who will stick around for the ride while I find my voice and figure out exactly what I have to say. I can’t wait to take you all with me on this ride. Until next time, stay advantageous my friends.

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