Successful New Year’s Resolutions Start NOW

It’s officially MID-December. Holiday parties and gatherings are underway! We are out shopping like there’s no tomorrow and we are scurrying like little elves to get everything done in time for Christmas. What most of us are NOT thinking about is kicking off the New Year! It doesn’t seem like it’s that time yet, but 2019 is creeping up on us quicker than we ever realize! promises

How many times have you set your expectations for the New Year only to let yourself down just a few days or a few weeks in? Most of us see the New Year as a clean slate to achieve all that we set out to do! This year the most important habit we can kick is the habit most of us have where we don’t keep our promises to ourselves. In the book Girl Wash Your Face Rachel Hollis really opened my eyes to the concept that breaking promises to ourselves even if they’re small, sets us up for failure. When we break promises to ourselves it’s setting up a pattern in our brain where we are unwittingly training ourselves to quit before we even start. Your brain has a tendency to default to trained habits so if you’ve gotten into the habit of quitting your brain will want to default to that. The good news is, you can break that habit.

There are so many ways you can start setting yourself up for success with your New Year’s Resolutions NOW! Another thing I learned from Girl Wash Your Face (click the image above to purchase) is that it’s easier to add a new habit than to take one away. When I read that, I realized that this concept is true and that the reason most of us are failing to achieve our goals is because we are taking on these huge changes all at once and it’s simply not sustainable for most people! Of course, some of you are very strong willed and can do this, but most people will quit and get overwhelmed. So I came up with a foolproof strategy to achieve all my goals this year and I’m going to share that with you! No matter what your goals are for 2019, it’s time to jump start them NOW start ADDING habits today that will assist you in achieving your goals and then on January 1st you can start taking the bad habits away! So for example, if your goal is to be healthier this year, start drinking more water this week, next week start exercising and then when you start the healthy eating when the New Year begins, you won’t be trying to tackle everything all at once. If your goal is to be more organized, start pinning your organization ideas and maybe begin purchasing the things you’ll need to achieve that goal. That way, when 2019 comes you’ll have a game plan and all the tools you need to get organized immediately. If your goal is to start a blog, start researching the things you need to do to be successful, purchase your domain, you get the idea! Winning comes  with preparation so if you start setting yourself up for success now you will greatly increase your chances of achieving all that you set out to do.  

One of the best ways to get into the right mindset to achieve your goals is to start reading motivational books. I personally don’t have the time to sit down and read but Audible has completely changed my life. It has given me the ability to read over 40 books this year will multi-tasking. I am so thankful for this super affordable alternative to traditional reading. Honestly, I spend less on my Audible subscription than I would pay for all the books I read. If you want to kick start your year, take advantage of the great deal above by clicking the banner to receive your first 2 books free!